Baby Craddle 022

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  • Made with safety First Perspective, Very Sturdy and Safe, Made in India, Made of Aluminium heavy steel and comfort cloth for baby cradle, cot, crib, bassinet, stroller, shelter, and swing
  • The Crib has wheels to move it easily, canopy with mosquito net Easily detach and install Wheels gives a support to cradle
  • Self Assembly, Very Easy to self Assemble, Smooth swinging action perfect to comfortably put the baby to sleep Chrome coating create an attraction Canopy saves sun rays for baby
  • Sturdy and Strong, All four wheels have locking feature available Sheet for baby sleeping Works as cot and cradle Easily fordable
  • Recommended for Cradle for baby with net and swing cradle for new born baby cradle hanging toys for infants baby cradle for kids baby cradle swing baby sleeping swing, new born baby cradle, kids cradle

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